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What We Do

There is hardly a crop growing anywhere in the world that would not benefit from a Drexel product. We have the potential to manufacture and distribute more than 500 different products under the Drexel triangle. Ours is one of the most comprehensive lines of agricultural chemicals available. Growers know that they can depend on Drexel for consistent quality at an affordable price. As the best value in the market, Drexel delivers maximum yield at a minimal cost.




Drexel Product Lines
Drexel products fall into the following categories:

  • Growth Regulators
  • Herbicides
  • Insecticides
  • Fungicides
  • Adjuvants/Surfactants
  • Micronutrients 

Drexel Product Formulations
Drexel has positioned itself as a leader in product formulation development. Thus, we provide the above-mentioned products, in the following formulations:

  • Aqueous Liquids-These formulations are true solutions, whereas the active ingredients are totally dissolved to maximum concentrations in water. Since the active ingredient is already dissolved as a concentrate in water, mixing at field rates is problem-free. Drexel's aqueous concentrates also contain wetting agents that promote coverage and penetration.
  • Liquid Flowable Formulations-Flowable formulations are finely ground so that products remain suspended during storage, allowing maximum active ingredient levels to be incorporated into the formulation. Careful design and control of the suspension and dispersion agents in the formulations promote stability and trouble-free spray solutions when mixed at field dilution rates.
  • Water Dispersible Granules-Dry flowable granules are comprised of finely ground particles in order to achieve maximum dispersion, suspension, and coverage. Drexel's water-dispersible granules are properly sized for coarse and fine fractions in order to minimize dust and efficient handling and mixing of the product. Our water-dispersible granules contain the highest achievable active ingredient levels obtainable in a water-dispersible granule formulation.
  • Wettable Powders-Utilizing our unique milling process, Drexel offers a line of wettable-powder formulations that are ground for the lowest achievable particle size for maximum coverage, suspension, and dispersion as a spraying material.
  • Emulsifiable Concentrates-Drexel's product line of emulsifiable concentrates are made from very pure organic solvent carriers, which allow maximum active ingredient concentrations to be formulated. Since these are true solutions, no insoluble materials are present, which could result in plugging of nozzles. Careful control of the emulsifier and surfactant properties allow for easy mixing and dispersion of the products in water.

Drexel Packaging

  • Liquid Materials-We offer a variety of packaging sizes (from 1 qt. to 250 gallon totes as well as bulk) and various types of containers ranging from metal to fluorinated plastic.
  • Dry Materials-We offer a variety of packaging options and sizes. We package dry materials in plastic bags, paper bags, bulk super bags, and even water-soluble packaging.

Although Drexel is a major supplier in the ag-chemical market, we remain flexible enough to provide our customers with the personal service they need to be effective in an ever-changing, highly regulated field.

Some of the services we offer are as follows:

  • Broad Range Production
  • Formulation Development/Custom Formulations
  • Registration Procurement/Assistance
  • Maintenance of Current Registrations
  • Registration Defense
  • Quality Control
  • Technical Assistance
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